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Book Review: But You Kill Ants by John Waddell

But You Kill Ants by John Waddell

My husband bought this book called But You Kill Ants by John Waddell from Vegan Society NSW stand at one of those Cruelty Free Festivals while I was renewing my membership. It’s an excellent guide to answer all those questions vegetarians and vegans face every step of their journey.

We’ve all been there. I mean, many of us found ourselves in the middle of an open fire. They question our knowledge in nutrition, ethics and even our shoes! Usually the questions they ask us are incredibly stupid, uneducated, biased and sometimes even hostile.

The thing is, I can never quite think of all the arguments that I can apply to those questions or remarks. Usually the answer comes to me later on, after the conversation. Like many of us, vegan or vegetarian, I’d like to defend and promote my diet. Well, this book has an answer to pretty much everything in that space, not just the stale question like “Where do you get your protein?”

But You Kill Ants by John Waddell is also a well-structured book. All 100 questions are neatly placed under categories like:
• Health
• Ethics
• Religion
• Environment
• Economy
• Making a Difference
• Making the Change
• Nonsense
• The Last Word

At the end of the book, the author provides references to books or websites. Also included are some handy referenced appendices on religions and vegetarianism, quotes and a list of prominent vegans and vegetarians.

Where to buy But You Kill Ants by John Waddell
We bought ours from Vegan Society NSW stall at Cruelty Free Festival but Cruelty Free Shop seems to have it, too.

From the back cover:
John Waddell, OAM, hasn’t had a day off sick since becoming a vegetarian in 1962 and vegan in 1977.

For 27 years, John led hiking tours in 136 countries for 27 years. His favourite treks are Chile’s icy Pane Towers and the oxygen-starved summit of Africa’s highest climb. He’s not only a walker and climber, but a runner, winning his age division in the Sydney and Great Ocean Road marathons, as well as being an ultra-marathon age winner and record setter.

Note: John Waddell is donating all profits from the sale of his book to vegetarian and animal rights organisations. I think, that’s on its own is a good reason to this book.

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