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Yellow Presents Guest Chef Series: Ben Greeno

Some time ago, my husband forwarded Yellow’s newsletter telling us that their Yellow Presents Guest Chef series is back. He is on their mailing list and I’m not. How did that happen? Weird, huh?

Ben Greeno

Anyhow, here’s how it works: they welcome one of Australia’s leading chefs into their kitchen at Yellow for five special dinners over the coming months.

Ben Greeno

So, the first chef is Ben Greeno from The Paddington. Apparently, Ben Greeno is working as a chef at a famous rotisserie chicken place. Of course, we wouldn’t know about it being chicken meal and everything. But after this experience, we know what he can do outside The Paddington and how creative he can get in a vegetarian environment.

Well, this was a great opportunity that we wanted to try and to make it more special, we invited another couple to share the experience. I must admit, they were very patient with me taking the photos before everyone dug in to delicious food.

OK, Peoples… Here’s the menu for the night:

Yellow presents


Spiced Onion
Seaweed Biscuit
Smoked Curd
NV Punch Rurale Petillant-Naturel, Yarra Valley, VIC Grapefruit Spritz

Witlof + Pear+ Pistachio
NV Orsi San Vito Posca Bianca Pignoletto, Emilia-Romagna, Italy
Pear + Yuzu + Green Tea

Potato + Hazelnuts + Miso
NV Domaine de la Pinte Savagnin/Chardonnay, Jura, France
Fennel + Pineapple + Shrub + Soda

Pumpkin + Black Truffle + Cepe
2016 Lucy Margaux Bentley Barrel Pinot Noir
Apple + Celery + Kate + Mint

Celeriac + Dates + Pickles
2015 Jauma ‘Like Raindrops’ Grenache, Mclaren Vale, SA
Watermelon + Rockmelon + Thai Basil

Jerusalem Artichoke + Sunflower Seeds + White Chocolate
Domaine Pichot ‘Le Marigny’ Vouvray Moelleux Chenin Blanc, Loire Valley, France
Virgin Moscatel

Menu $110
Wine Pairing $70
Juice Pairing $50

Now, let’s talk with photos…

Spiced Onion, Seaweed Biscuit and Smoked Curd (below)

Ben Greeno

Witlof + Pear+ Pistachio (below)

Ben Greeno

Potato + Hazelnuts + Miso (below)

Ben Greeno

Pumpkin + Black Truffle + Cepe (below)

Ben Greeno

Ben Greeno

Celeriac + Dates + Pickles (below)

Jerusalem Artichoke + Sunflower Seeds + White Chocolate (below)

Ben Greeno

Our waiter for the night was Brian who was brilliant, once again. Even though, we had been to Yellow once before, he recognised us. Not only that, he even remembered where we sat!

Some more sweet stuff (below) although there were 4 of them initially but Hurol couldn’t help himself 🙂

Ben Greeno

Overall, it was a lovely night. The service was spot on. One thing I would say about the food though… I thought the flavours and choice of vegetables were a little bit conservative. I guess we somehow expected that from Ben Greeno because he is English. However, Jerusalem artichoke in a dessert was a triumph and incredibly innovative. Hats off to that.

Yellow can be found at these addresses below:

57 MacLeay St, Potts Point NSW 2011

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