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Winter Journal and Soy Smoothie

I am delighted to find a small parcel from Amazon just outside the door this morning with my pre-ordered Paul Auster book in it. I collect first editions. I have quite a few hardcover, first editions in my library and some of them are even autographed!

Winter Journal is Auster’s memoir that I have been waiting to buy for a long time. It was published in Turkey months before it is out in the US and our Prime Minister didn’t waste his time to call the author “an ignorant man” for his boycotting Turkey as there is a large number of writers and journalists who are imprisoned in the country. Interestingly enough, one of those people who is in prison at the moment is my beloved writer friend’s –Saliha Scheinhardt- publisher, Ragip Zalakoglu.

Although English is not my first language and Paul Auster’s every book is published in Turkish, I prefer to read his books in the original language they are written in. Just like I have the privilege of being able to read Orhan Pamuk books in Turkish. Perhaps I should learn Spanish for the sake of being able to read Gabriel Garcia Marquez or Isabel Allende’s books and Portuguese for Paulo Coelho’s.

Anyway, I have my Winter Journal now. And I am celebrating its arrival with a glass of soy smoothie –recipe is below.

Soy Smoothie
Bananas I get are usually quite sweet. If yours are not sweet enough, drizzle your smoothie with a little bit of maple syrup.

1 banana, peeled and cut into small pieces
Bonsoy soy milk
1 tbsp LSA (ground mixture of linseed, almond and sunflower seeds)

• Place soy milk, banana and LSA into a blender and blend until smooth.

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