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Product Review: Viana Veggie Chickin Fillets

Viana Veggie Chickin FilletsViana Veggie Chickin Fillets are fast, practical, organic and vegan. However, they are nothing like how they look on the package. Viana Veggie Chickin Fillets are more like real chicken schnitzels minus the thick batter. They are quite dense but we loved the taste.

When it comes to cooking instructions, just like other Viana products, there isn’t very much information on how to cook Viana Veggie Chickin Fillets. You only get 3 icons and some number of minutes on top of each one. To add a little bit of joke to the mix, they even included a “tip” underneath those not-so-helpful cooking icons saying: Viana Chickin Fillets are recommended by the world’s leading chickens. It is vegan humour and I must admit, it is funny but put it somewhere else for Buddha’s sake and please don’t call it “tip.”

You get 2 pieces with each pack of Viana Veggie Chickin Fillets and the total weight is 200 grams. Pan-frying icon says 2 minutes, deep-frying icon says 2-5 minutes and the oven icon says 10 minutes. I personally pan-fried them until each piece was heated through and formed a little bit of crispiness on the outside.

What would go well with Viana Veggie Chickin Fillets? I believe because it’s European food, you definitely have a drizzle of freshly squeezed lemon juice on top of the actual Viana Veggie Chickin Fillets. They also go well with some German style potato salad and steamed vegetables as a side dish or sauerkraut.

Viana Veggie Chickin FilletsViana Veggie Chickin Fillets Ingredients:

Tofu* (Soybeans*, Water, Nigari)
Wheat protein*
Sunflower oil*
Wheat breadcrumbs* (Wheat four*, Water, Sea salt, Paprika*, Yeast*)
Sea salt
Almond Flour*
Raw Cane Sugar*
Locust bean gum*
Rice four*

* = Certified organic

Allergy information: Contains nuts, soy and wheat.

Where to buy Viana Veggie Chickin Fillets

I buy my Viana Veggie Chickin Fillets eother from Taste Organic in Crows Nest or The Cruelty Free Shop in Glebe.

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