Entertaining: Vegetarian Barbecue Equipment

The Barbecue
There are a few different types of barbecues you can get in Australia. I find the gas barbecue is the most convenient. You know the ones with a gas bottle attached to them? We own a Weber one like that and we are quite happy with it. It heats up quickly, has great heat control and is very easy to use and clean. I love the idea of having space at both sides of the barbecue for plates, tongs, marinades, etc.


As much as I like our gas barbecue, it lacks that charcoal or wood smoke flavour. However, to remedy this situation we get hickory wood chips. They are easy to buy from barbecue shops. We were given the tip of soaking the wood chips for long lasting effect when we bought our barbecue. You could also use fresh rosemary, oregano or thyme to add a different aroma to your food. Just throw them on to your barbecue stones. You don’t need to use too much of these either; a little will go a long way.

Vegetarian Barbecue Equipment
When it comes to tongs, brushes and spatulas, it is essential that these utensils have a very long handle so that you can barbecue your food from a safe distance and minimise the risk of getting burnt. For a vegetarian barbecue, you will need the following items:

Wear an apron to protect your clothing while you’re barbecuing. It’s amazing how food can spit at times.

These will enable you to handle and turn the food at arms’ length. Because they have rounded ends, they will not pierce the vegetables which would allow the juicy moisture to escape. Tongs are especially good for sausages and skewers.


Spatulas are better for flat surface items like burgers or patties. Again, a long-handled one is ideal.

Use a long-handled, soft-bristled basting brush for basting the barbecue ingredients with oil, marinades or melted butter.

For kebabs, you can thread vegetables, tofu and cheeses on to metal or wooden skewers. Wooden ones (like bamboo) should be soaked in hot water before using to prevent them burning over a hot fire.


Bowls and Serving Plates
I prefer to have a bowl with oil ready (or a suitable marinade) sitting on a large plate with all the tongs, spatulas, paper towel and brushes on one side like a mini equipment station. And a serving plate on the other side I have is for cooked ingredients.

Note: You may also need a long-handled fork, kitchen foil and paper towels. Disposable foil trays can be useful for cooking delicate vegetables. Place them on the grill rack over the hot coals.

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