Vegan’s Choice – Newtown

vegans choice sign

This may be a tiny little shop, however, the variety of vegan food is amazing. Vegan’s Choice is located right next to Green Gourmet in Newtown and they stock everything from vegan sauces to vegan ice cream. We especially like the freezer section as they have pretty much all Lamyong range.

The other vegan products you may find are:
• Vegan cakes
• Addiction Food products
• Viva Cupcakes
• Funky Pies
• Vegan Cheese
• Vegan Dried Noodles
• Real Asian tofu
• Frozen Dim Sims and BBQ not-pork buns

vegans choice

If you are a member of Vegan Society, ask for your member discount.

Vegan’s Choice
Address: 113 King St, Newtown, Sydney
Phone: 02 9119 2090 or 9519 7646

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