VeganMoFo Begins!

VeganMoFo 2014 begins today! And it begins on my birthday. Happy MoFoing Peoples ­čÖé

VeganMoFo logos are designed by Amanda Chronister.

I don’t have a theme this year although I had a very popular one last year -vegan Mediterranean food as some of you guys remember. The reason for that is I’ll be off to Ubud halfway through September and I don’t know how much food blogging I can actually fit in. At the moment I am more excited about the reasons why I am going. You want to know? Here’s the list:
1. I will be joining a very good friend of mine who organised a yoga retreat in Ubud. She is a very good yoga instructor.
2. Ubud Writer’s Festival. I have tickets to go and see Rayya Elias and Robyn Davidson.
3. I’ll be conducting interviews with village shamans around Bali as part of my research for a novel I am currently working on.
4. Best of all, I’ll get to spend time with my dear friend.

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