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Vegan Mince Pasties (Böreks) with Pine Nuts

VeganMoFo Day 2

Vegan Mince Pasties (Böreks) with Pine Nuts are inspired by a Palestinian mince stuffing which is widely used around the area. These little parcels are savoury and they need to be served warm. You could zap the left overs in the microwave the next day though.

Borek (1280x960)

Before we start, a little tip on vegan mince: If your vegan mince the type that only needs to be heated through like The Redwood one, add it at the end of the process. If not, add your mince to the mixture soon after you cook the onions.

2 sheets vegan puff pastry (frozen)
10 tbsp vegan mince
1 brown onion, chopped finely
2 tsp vegan beef stock powder
½ cup boiled water
2 tbsp pine nuts, dry roasted
Handful flat-leaf parsley, washed, dried and chopped finely
1 tbsp vegetable oil
Some extra vegetable oil for glazing
1 tsp hot chilli flakes
Salt and pepper
Nigella seeds

• Dry roast the pine nuts and transfer into a small bowl, set aside.
• Mix the stock powder with boiled water in another bowl and set aside.
• Heat the oil in a pot and fry the onions with added salt until they are completely cooked.
• Mix the pine nuts and vegan beef stock. Stir well.
• Add the vegan mince, chopped parsley, chilli flakes, salt and pepper, stir well and remove from the heat. Set aside to cool.
• Preheat the oven to 180°C/Gas Mark 4/350F.
• Take the puff pastry out of the freezer and wait for about 15 minutes before you process them with the stuffing. Meanwhile, get yourself 2 little bowls and 2 pastry brushes. Fill one bowl with a little bit of plain water and the other one with some vegetable oil.
• Line you oven tray with a sheet of aluminium foil –for the sake of cleaning less mess basically –and spray it with some oil, making sure that the oil covers the foil evenly.
• Once the puff pastry is thawed, cut each sheet into 4 equal squares. Brush the ends with water which will make them stick nice and easy. Divide the stuffing onto each square and bring together the corners and press the ends together, creating an envelope shape.
• Brush the pasties/böreks with oil, sprinkle them with nigella seeds and place them on the oven tray.
• Place the tray in the middle of the oven and bake for about 15 minutes until they are brown at the bottom as well as on the top too.
• Serve warm.


16 thoughts on “Vegan Mince Pasties (Böreks) with Pine Nuts

    1. Hi Linda, there are many varieties in the borek category when it comes to Turkish ones. Since we cannot get certain ingredients over here I thought I would make use of what's available. I am hoping to expand my repertoire in the future. Thanks for dropping by and Happy MoFo :)
    1. Hello Dear, it is lovely to see you here. I still can't get over your vegan fish sauce recipe. I MUST try it as the store bought one goes off so quickly and being a bottle we don't get through it as fast as we'd like to. Happy MoFo to you too and thanks for dropping by :)
  1. Oh Yum yum! got to make these. My boyfriend comes home from a holiday soon so Im gonna make them as a treat for him!! I love vegan mofo. Too many good things to make. x Rhi
    1. Thank you Rhi. I agree with you; VeganMoFo is just great. Let me know how get on with boreks. I also have a chickless chicken one here on VegFusion which you might like. Thank you for dropping by...

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