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Vegan-Friendly Food Stalls in Bangkok

When you are out and about in Bangkok you may need to eat something in a hurry and carry on what you’re doing whether it is temple visiting or shopping. Temples are a little tricky as they have not many options around them. You need to know the area and most taxi drivers refuse to use taxi-meter which makes it even more difficult. Shopping centres on the other hand are easy. I mean most of them. They usually have at least one vegetarian food stall where you can ask for vegan food. They are incredibly cheap too. Here’s a few that we visited during our stay in Bangkok:

Vegetarian Food Stall at Terminal 21
This was the nearest one to our hotel. Terminal 21 is a shopping mall right opposite Asok BTS station. It is a food court style dining kind of place with many Thai dishes –most of them quite spicy. Some dishes may contain egg, so you may need to ask.

Bangkok Food Stalls (1280x956)
Here’s an example of the type of food you get from the stalls in Bangkok.

Vegan-Friendly Food Stalls at MBK
MBK is another shopping mall, quite famous and quite big and very busy. The shopping mall itself is located on 444 Phayathai Road. We noticed that MBK has two vegan-friendly places to eat. One is located on the 5th floor and the other one was on the 6th.

This is the on the 5th floor inside the food court. They make you buy a card which is topped up with certain amounts of money so you may want to choose your food and check the prices first to guess how much you will need. Then you go up to the stall and order your food. Just before you leave, you pay with the card you purchased.

Vegetarian Food
This one is located on the 6th floor, inside the food court, kiosk number C-8. They have vegan Chinese style of food and all dishes are displayed. Again, you have to buy the card and pay as you leave.

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