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Vegan Composed Salad with Faux-Tuna

I have been working on a mini salad book for you guys for some time. It’ll be free to download and come in all digital formats, including Mobi (Kindle format).

composed salad

This is the cover of my mini salad book.

Here’s the outline of the book:

A little about Me

All About Salads
• Types of salads
• Secrets to making healthy and delicious salads
• Salad making equipment
• Salad ingredients
• Salad dressing ingredients

Salad Recipes
• I have ten salad recipes in this section

Salad Dressing Recipes
• What is a salad dressing?
• I have ten salad dressing recipes in this section

In the process of writing the book, I noticed that I didn’t have a photo of a composed salad to use in the book. So, I had to make one and photograph it immediately. We all owe this recipe to that shocking discovery, Peoples!

What is a composed salad, you may ask? Well, I must refer to my own book to answer that question.

A composed salad is a salad arranged on a plate rather than put into a bowl. It can be a meal in itself if you’re consuming flesh foods. However, we have some meat substitutes which are just as filling and nourishing as those unmentionables.

Here’s my vegan/vegetarian tuna salad arranged on a plate with green beans, potatoes, spring onions and baby radishes.

Vegan Composed Salad with Faux-Tuna

2 medium-sized potatoes, peeled, cubed and steamed
1 cup green beans, topped and tailed and cut into pieces
4 baby radishes, quartered
1 small tin Caroline’s Vegetarian Fishless Tuna, drained
3 spring onions (shallots), green part only
Store-bought salad dressing

• Peel and cut the potatoes into small cubes. Steam them until they are soft(ish).
• Top and tail the green beans. Cut them into long pieces. Pan-fry, boil or steam them until soft.
• Wash the baby radishes really well. Wipe them with tea towel after washing to remove any dirt as there is usually some left. I guess water on its own is not enough. Cut the baby radishes into small quarters.
• Wash the spring onions and chop the green parts finely.
• Open the can of Caroline’s Vegetarian Fishless Tuna and drain the liquid.
• On a large plate, arrange potatoes, green beans, baby radishes, drained faux-tuna and spring onions according to the photo. Drizzle with your choice of salad dressing and serve.

composed salad

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