Turkish Coffee Machine

Every time I go back to Turkey, I bring back cooking magazines, my favourite authors’ new books, cookbooks and kitchen gadgets I cannot get in Australia. One of the kitchen gadgets I brought back with me this time around is a Turkish coffee maker.

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I actually had the intention of buying a cezve-style one which is also an electric Turkish coffee maker, just smaller and more compact. However, my friends in Istanbul convinced me to buy this one instead. I noticed that this style and this brand was what everyone is using over there these days. After the decision was made, all I had to do was to pick a colour.

I experimented with a pack of coffee I was given by Uğur Atik from Galeri Set after I got back but the machine itself came with a pack too. At some stage I will have to go out and hunt for real Turkish coffee though.

This coffee machine is a darling. You just put your coffee, your sugar and water in it and press the button and go and save the world if you want while you’re coffee is being made. It beeps when it’s all done and you have a cup of foamy Turkish coffee, just like Ottomans intended!

How to make Turkish coffee with Turkish coffee machine

1 level coffee spoon Turkish coffee (measuring spoon comes with the machine)
1 level tsp sugar
1 cup of water (the same Turkish coffee cup)

• Place the sugar and coffee in your cezve (it comes with the machine and it is the red thing in the photo with a handle) part of the machine, add water and stir.
• Place the cezve  on top of the circle. It should go all the way in otherwise the machine will not start.
• Press the button on top. It’ll automatically switches itself off when the coffee is ready.
• Once you hear the beep, pour it into your cup and afiyet olsun (enjoy in Turkish).

Note: Turkish coffee is served with rose flavoured Turkish delight and a glass of water. You drink the water to cleanse your palate and have your coffee with the Turkish delight. This is the Ottoman way Peoples.

Here’s the sugar levels in Turkish coffee making business:
• Şekersiz or sade: no sugar at all
• Az şekerli: with little sugar (½ Turkish teaspoon)
• Orta şekerli: medium (1 Turkish teaspoon)
• Şekerli: 2 Turkish teaspoon

Note: 1 Turkish teaspoon equals 1 level teaspoon.

IMG_4919 (908x1024)

I was also given a nice set of coffee cups by a dear friend of mine (the one in the photo above) which makes my coffee experience more special.

Note: I promised this post to our hairdresser Nathan Yazbek from Salon Yazbek long time ago. Sorry for the delay, Nathan 🙂

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