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Tian Vegetarian Restaurant, Vienna

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Tian Vegetarian Restaurant in Vienna was one of the most unforgettable culinary experiences I have ever had in my life. Being a Michelin star restaurant, this is exactly what you’d expect. However, Tian has some extras.

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In French, Tian is the name of a vegetarian stew and in Chinese, it means heaven. So, it would be safe to call Tian “a vegetarian heaven” because it truly is a vegetarian heaven; a classy one.

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The Menu
Every night, there are two set menus. You can choose dishes from both.
4 course menu is €136 with wine pairing and €91 without
6 course menu is €171 with wine pairing and €106 without
8 course menu including 2 surprise courses is €204 with wine pairing and €120 without

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Tian is a vegetarian restaurant with vegan options. There are many items on their menu with “vegan possible” sign against them.

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Here, diverse flavours are well matched and the produce is sourced from local organic markets.

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Magnolia sorbet, served  as a palate cleanser (above).

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Complimentary butter, cress, three different kinds of oil and bread.

Oil in test tubes. Brilliant!

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The décor at Tian: sustainability and class come together in a sophisticated, stylish way.

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The service at Tian is quite elegant, too. It was paced well according to the number of courses. At the time of booking we had a chance to talk to Tian’s sommelier Christoph. Our waitress, Helene, was attentive without being intrusive.

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My desert (above).

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John’s desert (above).

Note: This is a belated post. I put off writing it and here’s why: When my husband and I were at Tian in June 2015, our lovely waitress Helene (I hope this is the right spelling of her name) gave me a copy of their menu, the exact one we had that night. I told her that I had a food blog and I would be writing a review for Tian, too. I wrote her name at the back of the menu and promised that I would mention her name in my review.

When we were in Berlin, we shipped two boxes of clothing, some souvenirs we picked up from other European places we visited and even some art pieces along with Tian’s menu. One of those boxes arrived two months later. However, the last box didn’t and Tian’s menu was in that box.

Yet, Tian deserves a good review. So I decided to write it anyway, without the menu. In case you’re wondering why I don’t have the names for the dishes or why this is a belated post, that’s why.

Tian can be found in this address:
Himmelpfortgasse 23,
1010 Wien
Phone: +43 (0)1 890 4665
Tian’s Website

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