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The Living Cookbook – The one and only recipe software for me

Living Cookbook

I have been using Living Cookbook since 2010. It is a wonderful recipe software which does a lot of cool things for me. I am a Virgo so organising everything has a deeper meaning for me than most people out there.

Here’s what you can do with Living Cookbook recipe software. You can organise:
• Recipes
• Menus
• Ingredients
• Shopping lists
• And even pantry inventory

I have thousands of recipes, either on my computer or as in the form of clippings –clippings are the worst. Some of those recipes are irreplaceable like the family recipes that had been passed down to younger generations. In case I lose them I may never be able to recover as most of my family members are dead. Or cooking magazines that are no longer available, like a particular one from Turkey. I don’t see the publisher reprinting the entire 15 years of magazines simply because I lost the clippings from them. And what about those recipes which came exclusively from all the neighbours I had during the time I lived in Turkey?

Talking about recipes from Turkey… One of the most important features of Living Cookbook for me is the fact that it has no problems with some of my recipes being in Turkish. All the characters are displayed as they are typed.

At the moment I have 4448 recipes only on Living Cookbook divided into 20 cookbooks (for now, of course). That’s probably a small portion of my entire recipe archive. I am still in the process of de-cluttering. Only the important ones will make it to the “finale”. Do I sound like Cat Deely from So You Think You Can Dance? I think I do since I have a posh English accent too!

Living Cookbook comes with over 8,000 ingredients in its database with full nutritional information provided by the USDA. It’s very cool but what if they missed Tofutti Sour Supreme? Well, you could easily add ingredients to the actual database and include nutritional information too!

You don’t have to have a huge archive on your computer like me; you can import recipes from the internet. You could even do that with my recipes on VegFusion if you want to. All the recipes you have on Living Cookbook can be e-mailed, shared and printed. Printing options are insane; you can print them on your usual A4s or on index cards, you can publish your own cookbooks in the shape and size you choose. You can add multimedia like photos, videos to each dish you have on it.

I have just upgraded to 2013 version of it on one computer -every computer uses one license key by the way and if you want to use Living Cookbook on more than one computer, you will have to buy separate licenses. Once my other computer is cleaned up, I will do the same with that one too. Here’s a tip about licensing; when you purchase your license key, write it down somewhere -you will also need your previous ones when upgrading. If you lose it then you have to go to Radium Technologies Forum. They recover it for you. I recently lost mine -like all of them except for one -and Paige from the forum resent them to me.

There are a few features which I haven’t used yet –like the shopping list –so I can’t comment about them but I will probably come back and update the review here when I finally try them out. That’s all for now Peoples…

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