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Tellicherry ‘Coastal Eats by Nilgiri’s’ Neutral Bay, Sydney


Named after famous Tellicherry pepper, this tiny little boutique place is actually Nilgiri’s sister restaurant. When Ajoy told us he was planning on opening a new, boutique restaurant in Sydney we were absolutely overjoyed. As we all know, if Ajoy does it, he does it spectacularly. What we didn’t know at the time, though, that it was going to be just around the corner from us!

This time around it’s coastal Indian food. Our first impression: all fish and seafood, not for us. But, that’s not the case at all. Especially, when it comes to vegetarian and vegan food. Tellicherry actually has some interesting and authentic dishes on their menu. Vegetarian and vegan dishes are marked with a V or a VG. Original names are used along with their descriptions in English. We so love the place, we bought the same plates for our home!

We were, of course, invited to Tellicherry’s opening night and here’s what we had:

IMG_2292 (1024x768)

Cocktail Sanaas (above) steamed rice dumplings, coconut & coriander dust, tomato rasam.

IMG_2289 (1024x768)

Kaaju Parippu Vade (above) cashew, ground chickpea, cumin and coriander fritters.

IMG_2294 (1024x768)

Gobhi Kempe Bezule (above) batter fried cauliflower, black mustard tempered yoghurt.

IMG_2299 (1024x768)

Brinjal Aviyal (above) stuffed baby eggplant in seasoned yoghurt with mustard and curryleaf ‘baghaar’

IMG_2297 (1024x768)

Ladyfinger Ambotik (above) okra in a sweet, sour and hot ‘chutney’

IMG_2302 (1024x768)

Sago Pradhaman with dryfruit (above)

Shop No 4, 260 Military Road, Neutral Bay 2089
Phone: (02) 9953 7313
For bookings:

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