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Tasty Borek (Sigara Boregi or cigar-shaped pasties) with Spicy Potato filling

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Frozen Sigara Boregi with spicy potato filing from The Authentic Pastry Company –the same company that does frozen Gozleme. Company details are at the end of this post. It is made from yeast-free pastry. There are other varieties around however; potato one and the mixed vegetable one are the only vegan boreks.

There are 15 sigara boregi in one pack weighing 450 grams altogether. Just like the Gozleme, these boreks are ready in minutes. Great party food.

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Where to buy: Tasty Gozleme is available at selected supermarkets and other specialty shops or delis. We buy ours from Gima (Turkish supermarket in Auburn)

Ingredients: Wheat flour, salt, water, potato, carrot, paprika, onion, white pepper.

Cooking instructions from the pack is below.
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Storage: Keep frozen. Once thawed do not re-freeze. Keep refrigerated and cook and consume within 24 hours.

The Authentic Pastry Company
423 Victoria Street, Brunswick, VIC 3056
Phone: 03 9381 1444

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