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Yes, I bought one! Since I am doing Mediterranean style of food during VeganMoFo, I thought this is the right time to get myself a colourful tagine. And wasn’t I lucky that an incredible sale is on at the moment –as I mentioned on VegFusion Facebook page yesterday. Sydneysiders, if you can get yourselves to any Victoria Basement stores, the tagines are for $69 instead of $300 and they are those Chasseur ones! The bottom part is cast iron and the lid is ceramic. They come in lovely colours. I picked “citron” as you can see in the photo.

What is a tagine? Well, it is a two-piece traditional North African cooking pot with a conic lid. They are mainly made out of clay –mine isn’t but I actually have a clay baking dish and it smells so bad every time I use it, so who cares?

Tagine is not just a cooking vessel either. You cook and serve your tagine dishes in it. Tagine also refers to cooking style which is one of those healthy cooking methods as you retain the nutrients like you would in a slow cooker and not much oil is required either. Apart from being healthy and nutritious, they say that cast iron gives tagine dishes a unique flavour too. We’ll see.

Anyway, I will be making a faux-chicken dish tonight with preserved lemon and green olives. So stay tuned…


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    1. Our first experiment with tagine went really well tonight. We didn't go hungry :) I will probably post the recipe tomorrow. So, go and find your tagine and stay tuned for the recipe :) Thank you for dropping by...

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