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Restaurant Review: Bliss & Chips, Newtown

We have been wanting to try Bliss & Chips since they opened in 2015. On one of those days, we just happen to be in Newtown and were ready to have a late lunch. There it was: Bliss & Chips. For those of you who don’t know what kind of a place Bliss and Chips… Continue reading Restaurant Review: Bliss & Chips, Newtown

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Vegan Fish and Chips

I have been wanting to add a vegan fish and chips recipe to my repertoire for a very long time. The recipe for the batter came from Dad and it’s the one Granddad had used at his own fish and chips shop. Surprisingly, it’s originally vegan. (Thanks Dad!) I did have some challenges, though. Adjusting… Continue reading Vegan Fish and Chips