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Water: How to Jazz Up Your Water

Dissatisfaction with the taste of water is one of the factors in increasing the possibility of chronic, mild dehydration. Unfortunately, some people do not like the taste of water. They find it bland, flavourless or simply uninteresting. Here’s some tips to jazz up your water to make it more exciting: Add bubbles: Sparkling water has more… Continue reading Water: How to Jazz Up Your Water


How to Store Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in a Nutshell

Our markets and supermarkets are overflowing with delicious and healthy fruits and vegetables. This little guide below brings together basics of storing fruits and vegetables to maintain their quality, colour, freshness, flavour and nutrient value. Green leafy vegetables and salad vegetables (salad greens) are incredibly perishable and therefore should be consumed as soon as possible.… Continue reading How to Store Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in a Nutshell


Food Groups: Water, Part 1

Food Groups: Water Water is the main constituent of the body: it makes up approximately 50-80% of the body weight, depending on lean body mass. Water is so essential to life as humans can survive only a few days without it. In the body, water becomes the fluid in which all life processes occur. Functions… Continue reading Food Groups: Water, Part 1

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Ingredient Profile: Tomatoes

Vegetable Profile: Tomatoes Origin of Tomatoes Tomatoes are native to Central America and had been brought to Europe by the Spaniards. However, Europeans initially thought that they were poisonous so they did not gain popularity for quite some time. They were right to a certain degree as tomatoes belong in nightshade family of plant and… Continue reading Ingredient Profile: Tomatoes


What is Nutrition?

What is Nutrition? As a term, nutrition is derived from Latin 'nutrire' which means 'to nourish'. According to Mosby’s Medical, Nursing & Allied Health Dictionary, the definition of nutrition is: • Nourishment • The sum of the processes involved in the taking in of nutrients, and in their assimilation and use for proper body functioning… Continue reading What is Nutrition?

Book Reviews

Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin

I must admit, the title put me off all this time. I thought it was incredibly common, classless and inappropriate. However, at the end of the day, I’m a clinical nutritionist and I should be reading pretty much anything that is ever written on the subject of eating right. So I decided to read it… Continue reading Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin