Ingredient Profile: Strawberries

A Harbinger of Summer: Strawberries Strawberries were first cultivated in ancient Rome. Well, that’s not a surprise as Romans knew how to be indulgent. I believe strawberries are now the most popular berry fruit in the world. But, did you know that in provincial France, they were regarded as an aphrodisiac? One of the interesting… Continue reading Ingredient Profile: Strawberries

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Ingredient Profile: Cucumber by VegFusion

Ingredient Profile: Cucumber by VegFusion Cucumber is popular around the world for its fresh, cooling properties. Fresh cucumber is combined with yoghurt in India called raita, mixed with yoghurt and garlic in Turkey and Greece as a dip called Cacık and Tzatziki respectively. Cucumber Season Although cucumbers can be purchased all year round, locally grown… Continue reading Ingredient Profile: Cucumber by VegFusion