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Recipe: Vegetarian Fish Masala


I just wanted to have something Indian the other night. A vegetarian fish masala is not a dish I make very often but this was exactly what I craved for.

Recipe Notes:
I used Vegetarian Fragrant Seaweed Soy Slices in this recipe. The description of the product doesn’t suggest fish. However, it is the best fish-like ingredient you can use in a vegetarian fish masala.
Use a kadai (sometimes spelt as kadhai) if you have one. It’s the Indian sauté pan. I used to have a cast iron one but because I don’t have gas kitchen anymore, I got rid of it. Now, it’s replaced with a non-stick, flat-bottomed Tefal modern kadai. Is it the same thing, you may ask? No, it isn’t but it does the job.

Grating tomatoes: Wash the tomatoes and halve. Carve out the area where the stalk comes out. Place a grater into a bowl and press the cut side against the grater, making it almost flat. Carefully grate the tomato and as you go, try to create more flat surfaces. Do this for all halves.

Vegetarian Fish Masala

• 1/3 pack Lamyong Vegetarian Fragrant Seaweed Soy Slices
• 1 tbsp vegetable oil
• To make the masala sauce:
• 2 large tomatoes, grated
• 1 tsp garam masala
• 1 tsp ground cumin
• 1 tsp ground coriander
• 1 tsp ground chilli
• A large pinch of salt
• Juice of ½ lemon
• Fresh coriander leaves to garnish
• Basmati rice, to serve
• Cucumber Raita, to serve

1. Heat the oil in a kadai or any pot and add the Vegetarian Fragrant Seaweed Soy Slices. Fry until they brown and remove from the pot or kadai and set aside.
2. Mix together the grated tomatoes, garam masala, ground cumin, ground coriander, ground chilli and a pinch of salt (although you might want to increase the amount here as salt is your flavour enhancer in this mixture.
3. Return the kadai to heat and add the masala mix. Cook until the tomatoes are fully cooked and the whole mixture is fragrant.
4. Return the Lamyong Vegetarian Fragrant Seaweed Soy Slices. Stir well and cook until the soy slices are heated through and well combined with the masala sauce.
5. Sprinkle with the lemon juice.
6. Remove from the heat and garnish with fresh coriander leaves.
7. Serve with Basmati rice and Cucumber Raita.

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