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Product Review: Massel Gravy Mix Supreme

I have been using Massel Gravy Mix Supreme for a long time now. I tried other brands including some vegan ones directly imported from the UK. At the end of the day, Massel Gravy Mix Supreme is the one I can easily get from our local supermarket. And is delicious, too!

Massel Gravy Mix Supreme

Apparently, Massel gravy comes in two flavours:
• Chicken Style Gravy Mix
• Rich tasting Supreme Gravy Mix

That is something I didn’t know because I haven’t tried the Chicken Style Gravy Mix, yet. But I think I should. It’s just that, I don’t really have much room in my pantry these days.

Massel gravy powder is also the perfect seasoning, adding depth of flavour to vegetable dishes, casseroles and veggie roasts like Sanitarium’s Vegie Delight Roast.

Massel Gravy Mix Supreme is an absolute lifesaver. Especially if you have traditional, meat-eating guests. Because it so tastes like the real gravy, it’s an absolute people-pleaser.

As a general rule, Massel Gravy Mix Supreme is:

• Gluten-free (Suitable for people with Coeliac Disease)
• Vegan (No animal content)
• Lactose-free
• Wheat-free
• Cholesterol-free
• Trans fat-free
• Preservative-free
• No added MSG
• Made using all-natural ingredients
• Kosher certified

How to make Massel gravy
Stir 1½ tablespoons of gravy powder into a small amount of cold water and mix it to a smooth paste. Then add approximately 250 ml or 1 cup of boiling water and stir to make a smooth, thick, tasty gravy with no lumps. If you like, you can also add the juices from your roast. One can of Massel gravy makes 20 servings of gravy.

Where to use Massel Gravy Mix Supreme:
Other than making a straight forward gravy, you could also:
• Sprinkle Massel Gravy Mix Supreme over your vegetable side dishes to add a dash of savoury flavour
• Use it in stuffings
• Use it as seasoning
• Thicken the sauce of any savoury casserole
• Serve it as a gravy to Sanitarium’s Vegi Roast

Massel Gravy Mix Supreme Ingredients:
• Potato Starch
• Maize Maltodextrin
• Southern Ocean Sea Salt
• Sugar
• Yeast Extract
• Natural Vegetable flavours
• Caramelized Sugar Syrup
• Dehydrated Tomatoes
• Canola Oil
• Extra Virgin Olive Oil
• Black Pepper

And lastly, you can buy it from most supermarkets.

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