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Product Review: Lamyong TVP Beef Slices

Product Review: Lamyong TVP Beef Slices
Lamyong TVP Beef Slices are a versatile vegan food product derived from soybeans. These TVP Beef Slices are a quick meat substitute for a myriad of different meals. They are high in protein, fibre and iron and yet cholesterol free. What they do not contain is onion, garlic, shallots, chives or leeks. The TVP Beef Slices come in three different packet sizes: 150 grams, 1 kg or 5 kg.

Lamyong TVP Beef Slices

Ingredients are as follows:
• Soy protein
• Starch
• Gluten
• Vegetable fibre
• Salt
• Vegetable oil

Allergen advice: May contain traces of wheat and nuts.

Where to use Lamyong TVP Beef Slices
Lamyong TVP Beef Slices can be used in stews, casseroles, stir fries, pies, soups, pasta dishes or wherever you need a hearty addition. They instantly add bulk and with the right marinate: flavour to your dishes. They need to be marinated for quite some time for flavours to be absorbed.
We particularly use Lamyong TVP Beef Slices in an Asian dish: Ginger Beef. It’s one of Dad’s dishes which uses real beef but he always substitutes the beef with Lamyong TVP Beef Slices when cooking for us.

Lamyong TVP Beef Slices have a chewy texture. The consistency is similar to meat and just like any other textured protein products they take on the flavour of whatever ingredients you are cooking with.

Preparation Tip
Soak in hot water or stock for half for at least an hour and squeeze out excess moisture before cooking.

Country of origin: Taiwan

Where to buy
Lamyong Online
The Cruelty Free Shop Online and in their Glebe branch
Vegan Choice in Newtown (cheaper at this store than most places, by the way)
Some Asian grocery stores also carry Lamyong TVP Beef Slices

How to store
Store in dry, cool place. I put mine in a container and keep in my pantry.

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