Introduction to Food Groups

food groups

Introduction to Food Groups
Welcome to the Food Groups Chapter of VegFusion!

The focus of this chapter is to understand the constituents and pharmacological effects of a wide variety of foods. In order to make optimal dietary choices, we need to know our food. Since what we eat is one of the major contributing factors to our state of health and the development of disease, we need to know our food so that we make better decisions.

Although, VegFusion is a vegetarian food blog, I have included flesh/animal foods here as well. The reason for this is that I believe everyone has a right to know how their food choices affect their health, environment as well as animals.

Food Groups
Plant Foods
o Fruits
o Vegetables
o Grains
o Legumes
o Nuts and Seeds
o Herbs and Spices
o Seaweeds
o Sprouts

Flesh/Animal Foods
o Meat
o Poultry
o Eggs
o Seafood
o Fish
o Dairy foods

Other Foods
o Fungi
o Fermented foods
o Cyanobacteria
o Bee pollen