Veggie Life: Refrigeration Basics

All food has a limited shelf life which will vary depending on the type of food, how it is packaged and how carefully it is stored. Refrigeration can substantially reduce the rate at which food naturally deteriorates. And for that, there are certain things we can do to have a safe practice in our kitchens.… Continue reading Veggie Life: Refrigeration Basics


How to Store Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in a Nutshell

Our markets and supermarkets are overflowing with delicious and healthy fruits and vegetables. This little guide below brings together basics of storing fruits and vegetables to maintain their quality, colour, freshness, flavour and nutrient value. Green leafy vegetables and salad vegetables (salad greens) are incredibly perishable and therefore should be consumed as soon as possible.… Continue reading How to Store Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in a Nutshell


What is Nutrition?

What is Nutrition? As a term, nutrition is derived from Latin 'nutrire' which means 'to nourish'. According to Mosby’s Medical, Nursing & Allied Health Dictionary, the definition of nutrition is: • Nourishment • The sum of the processes involved in the taking in of nutrients, and in their assimilation and use for proper body functioning… Continue reading What is Nutrition?