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Macéo, Paris

A postcard from Paris. Sacré-Cœur in Montmartre.

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Macéo was one of the greatest culinary experiences we had in Europe. It is a place I would go back in a heartbeat. Although it is not a fully vegetarian restaurant, they have many interesting vegetarian starters as well as main dishes on their menu. But first –Willi’s Wine Bar.

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Here, we had the best wine before dinner.  Willi’s Wine Bar is Macéo’s sister place. Apparently it is the hip and edgy thing to do although Macéo have one of the best wine lists. Actually, I’m hoping that one day John will write about wine in general here. Is that too subtle?

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When we arrived it was quiet but soon it started to fill up. Parisians are like Sydneysiders; they eat late. We had the nicest waitress, Dana, who is studying hospitality and doing her apprenticeship at Macéo at the same time. She was just lovely. I wish I took a photo of her.

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And the food… Mind-Blowing in a very classy way. Here’s what we had:

Green Asparagus IMG_3594 (1024x768)

Asparagus were in season at the time and they are nothing like what we get here in Australia. John has become a huge fan. I personally like the wild asparagus which are more delicate both in shape and taste department. Here’s a grocery store scene for you from Montmartre (below).

IMG_2790 (1024x682)

As a starter I had Caviar of Smoked Baby Broad Beans, Seasonal Vegetables Bouquet. I love the artistic presentation.

IMG_3596 (1024x804)


IMG_3599 (1024x768)

Berlingots meuniere caramelised in Xeres, pears, roquette and radish. This was basically pan-fried gnocchi with lightly cooked pears and fresh wild roquette (arugula) and radish.


IMG_3609 (1024x768)

Poached Pear Façon

IMG_3605 (1024x768)

Guanaja Mousse & Coco Snap, Pistachio Ice Cream

15 rue des Petits Champs
75001, Paris

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