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LingZhi Vegetarian Restaurant at Liat Towers, Singapore

LingZhi Vegetarian RestaurantLingZhi Vegetarian Restaurant at Liat Towers
541 Orchard Road,
Liat Towers,
Singapore 288881

Phone: 67343788

I remember discovering a fantastic buffet style Buddhist restaurant at one end of Orchard Road during my first visit to Singapore in 2000. When I went back to Singapore with my husband, we found the place and had a fantastic vegan fish which even flaked like the real thing. I said to John; “This is so much like the real fish. I think I feel uncomfortable.” But when we went back to Singapore for the third time, the place was gone. Actually the whole block was knocked down and something more colourful was standing in its place. It was time to consult our Singapore Vegetarian Food Guide –I blogged about it some years back –as we were still hungry and needed a place to eat. So that’s how we discovered LingZhi Vegetarian Restaurant at their new place –Liat Towers.

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LingZhi was first opened in 1991 and moved to its new premises at Liat Towers in 2001. The style food is Chinese vegetarian which is basically Chinese vegan. The restaurant has a seating capacity of 150. The staff was friendly without being intrusive and they helped us with the menu items.

crispy wild mushrooms with aeroponic vegetables salad (1000x600)

They do lunch at LingZhi but we were there for dinner so I’ll tell you about their a la carte menu which was interestingly big. Not everything we had that night is on their current menu today but since I still have the receipt, I can tell you what we had:

  • LingZhi Imm Salad (don’t ask what type of salad it was as we can’t remember)
  • Sautéed French Beans with Fried Enoki Mushrooms. Actually the enoki mushrooms were lightly battered and fried. It also came with fermented black beans. This is the dish I still remember because it was light, interesting and delicious too.
  • Vegan’s Catch. As you can guess, it was a vegan fish dish.
  • Pickle and plain rice.
  • Tiger beer, of course 🙂

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LingZhi has another branch which is located at Velocity @Novena Square. Next time we’re in Singapore, we will definitely try the other branch as well.

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