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Linda McCartney’s Mushroom and Ale Pies

Linda McCartney's Mushroom and Ale Pies

I am always on the look-out for some fast and easy lunch options for our weekends in case we stay at home. That’s how I discovered Linda McCartney’s pies in the first place.

The way of discovering the recipe for Mushroom and Ale Pie is, however, a different story altogether. Linda McCartney Foods, as a company, runs a competition called ‘Search for the UK’s Tastiest Meat-Free Dish’ and Kate Ford won it with her recipe and as a result we have Mushroom and Ale Pies!

As regular readers of my blog will know, I reviewed Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian Country Pies some time before. Just like the other variety, these pies are also very tasty with nice flaky pastry. Each box has 2 pies in it. 200 grams each. Although it says vegetarian on the box, they are actually vegan.

Cooking Guidelines from the original box:
For best results always cook from frozen. Remove outer packaging & brush with egg or milk or a milk alternative such as soya or rice milk. Ensure food is piping hot throughout prior to serving. Do not microwave. For fan assisted ovens, please refer to your manufacturer’s handbook.

Conventional Oven:
Preheat oven.
Place the pie in its foil onto a preheated tray in the middle of the oven.
Cook until golden brown all over –two or more pies will take longer to cook.
30 minutes

Serving Suggestions: Because they are quite filling, they are ideal to go with salads or lightly steamed vegetables.

Where to Buy: The pies are available in The Cruelty Free Shop and Taste Organic in Sydney.

Ingredients List: Wheat Flour, Water, Vegetable Oil, Mushrooms (12%), Ale (11%), Onions, Lentils (3%), Spinach, Tomato Puree, Vegetable Stock, Cornflour, Salt, Garlic, Sugar, Dextrose, Baking Powder, Pepper,

Vegetable Oil contains: Salt, Emulsifier, Mono & Diglycerides of Fatty Acids.

Vegetable Stock contains: Salt, Onion, Leek, Salt, Yeast Extract, Carrot Concentrate, Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Garlic.

Baking Powder contains: Disodium Diphosphate, Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate, Wheatflour, Salt.

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