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Le Potager du Marais, revisited

We were at Le Potager du Marais in 2007 and it was a tiny little, long and narrow place back then. They seem to have moved next door which is bigger. It is still recommended to book before you go though.

For those of you who didn’t read my 2007 review, Le Potager du Marias is a Parisian vegan restaurant located on Rambuteau Street in an area called Marais. It was a vegetarian restaurant back when we were in Paris in 2007, now it is fully vegan. They do vegan versions of French dishes however, they have other international ones on their menu too. And yes Peoples, this is the place where Anne Hathaway was seen in 2013.

Now, let’s talk about food, shall we?


Pate Forestier (mushroom pate)
IMG_3696 (1024x768)

Tartare d’algues (seaweed tartare)
IMG_3693 (1024x800)

As for the main, we both had Bourguignon de Seitan which is seitan stew with red wine and mushrooms served with mashed potatoes and garlic olive oil.

Main courses are served with a choice of:

  • Brown rice with almonds
  • Buckwheat or mashed potatoes with garlic olive oil

IMG_3700 (1024x768)

Bourguignon de Seitan (seitan stew with red wine and mushrooms with mashed potatoes and garlic olive oil)


IMG_3704 (1024x768)
Crumble aux Fruits Rouge (red berry crumble with chestnut flour)

IMG_3701 (1024x768)
Crème Brulee au Gingembre (crème brulee with ginger)

We a small flask of their house wine and I must admit, it wasn’t all that memorable.

One thing that hasn’t changed here is you still wind up talking to people sitting next to you. We ended up talking to a really nice guy, Reginald, from the US and exchanged a few words with a teacher and her student too.

Le Potager du Marais
24 Rue Rambuteau

IMG_3687 (1024x768)

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