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Lamyong Vegetarian Satay Sticks

We decided to add Lamyong’s Vegetarian Satay Sticks to our dinner –Vegan Singapore Noodles- the other night as a starter. They are from Lamyong’s Vagos line and made in Malaysia. In the box you find 12 sticks –made from gluten sticks- and a sachet of peanut sauce.

Although hey are called Vegetarian Satay Sticks, they are actually vegan. Here’s the ingredients for both sticks and the sauce:

Ingredients for the bits on skewer:
• Gluten (91%)
• Curry paste
• Brown sugar
• Salt
• Yeast extract

Peanut sauce ingredients:
• Water
• Potato
• Curry paste
• Brown sugar
• Salt
• Yeast extract
• Sesame

Because I don’t like defrosting food in microwave I took them out of the freezer in the afternoon and chose to pan-fry the satay sticks. They turn out quite crispy. And heated the sauce in a little pot. Then drizzled over sticks.

According to cooking instructions on the pack:
Defrost Vegetarian Satay Sticks and sauce sachet in microwave. Remove Vegetarian Satay Sticks from packaging.

Grilling: Place Vegetarian Satay Sticks on the grill over medium heat and turn frequently. Cook 2-3 mins on each side, total heating time of 8-12 mins.

Pan Frying: Heat 2 table spoons of oil in pan. Pan fry Vegetarian Satay Sticks for 203 minutes on each side until golden brown.

To prepare sauce: Pour sauce into saucepan. Heat up sauce and serve as a dip with Vegetarian Satay Sticks (Optional: Garnish with peanuts for tastier flavour).

This recipe is from Lamyong’s old website…

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