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Lamyong Vegetarian Prawn

I absolutely love these… So far I used them in Thai dishes and in some Indian ones too. Next stop will the classic prawn cocktail which we used to do at my restaurant (Family Tree) back in Turkey. A friend of mine also implemented them successfully in a battered form and reported back saying they work really well. I believe they can be BBQed and used in stir-fries too. Endless possibilities Peoples …

Lamyong Vegetarian Prawn

They come in different sizes: 285 gram one is in a box whereas 600 gr and 3 kg ones do come in plastic packaging. I find smaller packs more user friendly.

They are made in Malaysia and I buy mine either from Jessica or Lamyong itself.

Starch (56%) (curdlan –a type of starch)
Vegetarian seasonings
Permitted colouring (E160c)

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