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Lamyong Vegetarian Mushroom Nuggets

Lamyong Vegetarian Mushroom Nuggets are probably one of the most used Lamyong products in my kitchen. These versatile nuggets are made out of shitake mushrooms which makes them hearty and equally tasty.  These days they come in three different sizes: 300 gr (in a box), 600 gr (plastic bag) and 3 kg (plastic bag). Although the boxes stack up neatly in my freezer and can be easily identified when you open the door, I prefer 600 gr packs as they are more economical. I believe, the larger packs (3 kg ones) are designed for restaurants. Because they are so difficult to separate when you want take some of it out and put the rest back in the freezer. I’d say they’re not for home use.

IMG_0001 (752x1280)

Mushrooms (34%)
Textured soy protein (34%) –soy protein, starch, vegetable oil.
Vegetable gum
Soy flour
Vegetable oil
Vegetarian seasoning

Cooking instructions: Defrost the nuggets before use.

Where to use: Stir-frys, stews, clay-pot dishes and kebabs.

Where to buy:
Lamyong Online
The Cruelty Free Shop (Glebe, Sydney)
Vegan’s Choice (Newtown, Sydney)

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