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Lamyong Vegetarian Calamari

Lamyong vegan calamari

Although it says on the pack “vegetarian” Lamyong’s calamari is actually vegan. One pack is 600gr. Although I paid $15.00 for the pack I have, it is $14.25 on Lamyong’s online store. Frozen product so you need to break off the amount you need if you are not using the whole pack and put it back into the freezer immediately.

Ingredients: Water, curdlan (a kind of gelling substance derived from glucose), sugar, salt, vegetarian seasonings.

Country of origin: Malaysia.

Where to buy: Most Asian supermarkets and online shops where they sell Lamyong products.
Lamyong Online Store
The Cruelty Free Shop
Vegan Online

Lamyong vegan calamari pack (1280x1040)

Serving Suggestion: We used it in a stir-fry with black bean sauce (photo below).

valamari (1280x956)

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