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Lamyong Chunky Fish

Lamyong Chunky Fish
Lamyong Chunky Fish

Chunky Fish is probably our favourite product from Lamyong range. The chunks are made of bean curd and covered with seaweed. Seaweed makes them taste fishy whereas bean curd creates a fish-like colour and texture. Chunky Fish comes in different package sizes; 285gr, 600gr and 3kg.

After having tried most of Lamyong products, we now know what we like. Recently we bought large amounts of their products directly from the company. A very big Styrofoam box arrived 2 days later. We are still going through our stock.

Textured vegetable protein (soy protein, wheat flour, vegetable oil), textured wheat protein, seaweed, salt, sesame oil and vegetarian seasonings.

Storage: Keep frozen and do not refreeze.

Serving Suggestion: Vegan Fish with Orange Sauce

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