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Kinda Bacon

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Kinda Bacon is an Australian made vegan and gluten free product. It is made out of organic coconut with smoky and salty notes. As for the texture; crispy comes to mind. It kind of works as a flavour enhancer when added to dishes.

• Organic coconut flakes
• Tamari
• All natural liquid smoke (natural hickory smoke)
• Salt
• Pepper
• Spices

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Where to Use
• Sprinkle it on salads (potato salad is the best for this but any fresh salad would get the benefit too)
• Great as a pizza topping (just burry Kinda Bacon into your cheese and bake)
• Sprinkle on baked or jacket potatoes.
• Use it in savoury muffins.
• Great addition to any omelette mixture.

Price: A$ 12.75

Where to Buy
Full list of stockists can be found here.

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