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Turkish Pepper Paste (Biber Salçası)

Turkish Pepper Paste or Biber Salçası Some like it hot, some like it sweet. Whichever you prefer, Turkish Pepper Paste (Biber Salçası) is the ultimate ingredient of every Turkish pantry. Turkish Pepper Paste (Biber Salçası) –also called kırmızı biber salçası –is made from crushed and sun-dried red peppers. Salt is added as a preservative so… Continue reading Turkish Pepper Paste (Biber Salçası)

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Tel Şehriye – Turkish Vermicelli

Tel Şehriye or Turkish vermicelli is actually a kind of pasta. Used in pilafs and soups in Turkish cuisine. Produced by one of the oldest pasta factories in Turkey from durum wheat semolina by; Nuh’un Ankara Makarnası (a pack of 500 grams) can be purchased from Gima (a supermarket in Auburn for $0.99. You could add tel şehriye… Continue reading Tel Şehriye – Turkish Vermicelli