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IBAA Chatswood Buddhist Centre Tea House

We have been going to this place for years never knowing its name. So I took a photo of the signs last weekend. Appearantly there is a Buddhist Temple upstairs because you sometimes see the monks walking around in their saffron coloured robes with their shaved heads and gorgeous smiles.

Downstairs has the dining room and a gift shop with books and CDs on Buddhism. Although it is set menu, you get to choose your dishes. For $10.80 you get 3 dishes of your choice with rice or 1 dish with rice noodles. Plus a glass of complimentary Chinese tea. They make their own mock meats and everything is vegan.

And this is what we had…

One of the dishes above is sweet and sour beancurd.

I love the way they do vegetables here. You always feel good afterwards.


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