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Hectors, Vegan Fine Dining in Auckland

Hectors is the hotel restaurant of the Heritage Hotel in Auckland. We chose Hectors because they had 4 vegan starters and 4 vegan mains on their menu at the time –even some of their desserts are vegan- which is quite rare for a fine dining restaurant. And, to be honest, this was exactly what I was looking for; vegan fine dining.

The restaurant is beautiful with the glass roof and big open space decorated with native palm trees in large pots, sails used as shades and even a waterfall! The kitchen is designed to be an open kitchen where you can see their award winning chefs preparing the food down to every single detail.

It was a quiet night due to some big match on the television so they had only 3 tables to serve. Needlessly to say, we had all the attention. At some stage even Executive Chef Jinu Abraham came out to talk to us about their upcoming vegan wine list as well as their separate vegan menu.

Complementary olive oil with corn & sage bread


Red pepper and tomato tartlet $15
Apple with plum dressing and small leaves salad

Warm radicchio with potato and bread salad $15
Macadamia ricotta and balsamic with flax seeds

Baby beet and orange salad *** $16 (photo above)
Beet paint with cashew cheese and dehydrated black olives

Roasted swede soup $12
Pickled hazelnuts and cabbage


Bread crusted tofu $29 (photo above)
Potato and avocado mash with raisin purée and herb dressing

Macadamia and herb roasted eggplant filo *** $28 (photo above)
Braised winter greens with corn mousse and wakame tea powder

Mung bean noodles $24
Spinach with mung beans, crumbed bean curd and sesame seeds

Truffled field mushrooms $28
Seared polenta, spinach sauce and wakame seaweed

*** Indicates signature dishes

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