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Harvest Vegetarian Restaurant, Rozelle, Sydney

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I have been meaning to write about Harvest for a long time but I never had my own photos of the place and its food until last weekend. So here I go…

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Harvest Vegetarian Restaurant has been a true gem for us since the day we found out about it probably 10 years ago. It is the kind of place you can comfortably take your omnivorous friends to and have a nice meal without bringing up the meat issue as there is something on the menu for everyone. It is clearly Mum’s favourite place in Sydney and she is not even vegetarian.

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Harvest Vegetarian Restaurant is the oldest vegetarian establishment in Sydney. It has been operating since 1969 although the current owners (Adam and Michael) took it over in 1995. Adam -he is the chef- has even published the Harvest Vegetarian Cookbook some time ago and I have a signed copy of it which I treasure. Some of you may remember my post about the cookbook.

vietnamese rolls (1280x960)

We have our favourites like Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls (above) which is vegan.


… and -this is my favourite- Skewered Tofu and Roasted Vegetables with a Peanut Sauce. It is served on a bed of Wild Rice Salad.

IMG_0520-P (1280x828)

English Spinach and Kumara Gnocchi with Lemon and Garlic Cream Sauce. My husband’s favourite.

Harvest’s menu is somehwat international and has many vegan options or some of the dishes can be ordered vegan.

Harvest Vegetarian Restaurant
71 Evans Street
Rozelle 2039 NSW
Phone: 02 98184201

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