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Harvest Vegetarian Cookbook by Adam de Ath

Harvest Vegetarian Cookbook

Harvest Vegetarian Restaurant in Rozelle has always been one of our favourite restaurants in Sydney. We probably had everything on the menu and decided that we like certain dishes more than others. For my husband Kumera & English Spinach Gnocchi is the one whereas I particularly like Tofu Skewers & Peanut Sauce but we always have Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls as an entree without exception.

Recently, the cookbook “Harvest Vegetarian” came out and I own a signed copy of it. Adam, Harvest’s chef/owner, has great experience in cooking as well as running a restaurant. One of the reasons I like his cookbook is the fact that his experience comes through in the way the recipes are written.

Instead of ingredients or courses, Harvest Vegetarian Cookbook is divided into chapters like:

  • A walk in the garden
  • Food on the go
  • Vegetarian coming to dinner
  • For the passionate
  • Dreamy desserts & tempting treats

I must admit, I struggle to find what I’m looking for most of the time because this.

The dishes are marked with V (vegan or vegan option) and G (suitable for gluten-free diets) all across the book including the contents page.

Here’s one and only dish I cooked from Harvest Vegetarian Cookbook: Kumera and English Spinach Gnocchi with Lemon and Garlic Cream Sauce. The reason why I picked this dish is because it is my husband’s favourite.

Next time I will try Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls with a dipping sauce and for that I am growing Vietnamese mint in my garden. The dipping sauce really makes the rice paper rolls.

After Vietnamese Rice paper Rolls is achieved I will probably try my favourite dish: Skewered Tofu and Roasted Vegetables with a Peanut Sauce. This one looks like an easy one to make. I also have my eyes on Viennese Lime Biscuits. They look so good in the book.

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