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Green Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant – St Leonards

Green Gourmet in St Leonards is one of my favourite Chinese vegetarian restaurants in Sydney. I think we discovered it about 9 years ago. I just love the way Peter’s face lights up when he sees us and Doris greeting us in her lovely “chatty” manner.

We tried a great variety of dishes to date; Steamed BBQ Not Pork Bun, Spring Roll, Satay Sot Skewer, Better Than Oyster Fritter, Singapore Rice Noodles, Harvesting of Prosperity, Lemon Nugget, Golden Slices with Plum Sauce, Lo Han Tsai -Monk’s Choice-, Steamed Soy Mince with Water Chestnut and Sichuan Style Eggplant, to name a few. However, last night we decided to try at least one dish that we haven’t had before. In the end, all our mains were something new!

Peking Not Duck

This is the entree we order every time, I mean every time. We tried Peking Not Duck at other vegetarian places but this is by far the best. You fold the pancake nicely to avoid having Hoisin sauce dribbling down. Well, we decided it is unavoidable and part of the fun:)

Tofu Pillow with Cashew Nuts

Tofu pillows are nice and soft and the sauce is slightly sweet. Lovely dish.

Spicy Vegetarian Fish Slice and Stir-fried Fresh Vegetables

The sauce in in vegetarian dish is lightly spiced at first but it quietly hits you a little later on. So watch out for that chilli with a hidden agenda:)

Our dinner last night.

Almost forgotten… Just like a regular Chinese restaurant you get orange slices at the end of the meal. Of course, we had take aways last night so Peter gave us the whole orange instead!!!

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