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Green Gourmet – Newtown

Green Gourmet - Newtown

Newtown has quite a few vegan/vegetarian places to eat and Green Gourmet is one of the oldest establishments in the area. Normally, we go to Green Gourmet St Leonards because it is closer to home but we were in the area during lunchtime two weeks ago and decided to pop in for a vegan yum cha and do our vegan grocery shopping next door at Vegan’s Choice.


Condiments, already on each table and I always get a pot of jasmine tea.

Dim Sims

These bite-size dim sims are light and full of flavour.

My favourite; BBQ not pork bun
One of my old time favourites from vegan Chinese cuisine. We bought some frozen ones from Vegan’s Choice to steam at home.
Rice Paper Rolls

Vietnamese rice paper rolls. So fresh and cruncy. I lovethe way they do tofu.

A total beancurd feast… Although these drumsticks are deep fried, they are still incredibly light.

Green Gourmet Restaurant Newtown
115-117 King St, Newtown
Ph: 02-9519 5330

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