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Grandma’s Speedy Lunch Alternative; Now Vegan

Here’s a recipe from my maternal grandmother who was the queen of cooking and economy in the kitchen at the same time. Having lived through war and raising 5 kids with only one income earner in the family she sure had mastered a few tricks to save money around the house. This recipe, in particular, was a way of using stale bread.

I know the photo is grainy, they were all grainy but it was a dark day. I suppose that is the reason why I wanted something that I remember with fond memories.

2 slices rustic bread (I used sourdough bread with sunflower seeds)
¼ Cheezly mozzarella vegan cheese (grated)
1 tsp dried spearmint
1 tsp sweet paprika
A pinch salt
A drizzle olive oil

• First, put the grill on.
• In a bowl, mix vegan mozzarella, spearmint, sweet paprika, salt and olive oil.
• Spread across slices.
• Bake under the grill until vegan cheese melted and serve warm.

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