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Govinda Restaurant – Aguas Calientes


We arrived in Aguas Calientes after a funny train trip from Ollentaytambo. The funny thing about it was that staff on the train put up this fashion show to sell jumpers. Well, only in Peru, I guess:) Aguas Calientes is the town at the base of the famous ancient city; Machu Picchu (see the last photo at the end of this post). We arrived midday and it gave us the opportunity to eat at Govinda’s twice.


Is your rubbish organico or inorganico?

Govinda Vegetarian Restaurant is loacated on a side road leading into the Plaza de Armas, not far from the Hot Springs.

Like most Govindas, they mostly serve Indian food and is vegan-friendly. However, because they are catering for tourists, it is possible to see some Peruvian and international dishes on the menu. Mock meat made of soy is commonly used. Peruvian dishes that are made with quinoa are ever so interesting. They also do breakfast.

We ate at Govinda’s twice while we were there. After having Lomo Saltado Montado in Lima, we thought it would be worth trying their version. Their version had rice, soy meat, fried potatoes, tomatoes and spinach served with fried bananas (20 soles).

The other dish we tried there was called Segundo de Verduras Especial (15 soles) which is rice with potatoes, soy meat and vegetables. This was recommended by our waiter; Anthony. I also remember trying sauteed vegetables and fresh herbs which was a light and vibrant dish.

Must warn you, the service is very slow as the food is prepared fresh -by the owner, appearently using Ayurvedic principles. Anyway, it is worth waiting for.

Machu Picchu

Govinda Vegetarian Restaurant
Av. Pachacutek No: 20
Aguas Calientes

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