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Govinda Italian Vegetarian Restaurant, Bangkok – Thailand

Govinda Italian Vegetarian Restaurant Pizzeria (1280x960)

We decided to try Govinda’s after reading reviews in our hotel room on the internet, especially the ones on Happy Cow. The place may be called Govinda but it is not an Indian restaurant. It is actually a vegetarian Italian restaurant in the middle of Bangkok with a big pizza oven. Apparently, it is chosen as one the top 10 best vegetarian restaurants in Asia by PETA.

Bread Basket and Wine (1280x960)

Complimentary bread basket.

It is centrally located –just off Sukhumvit –and surrounded by other restaurants and hotels. It is pretty easy to find. The owners are Italian however, they are not as friendly as they say in those reviews. The service is a little slow but it seems like the only vegetarian place in Bangkok where you can get European style of vegetarian food. Let’s face it, you get fed up with the local food pretty fast.

Soy Chicken Breast with Pepper Sauce (1280x960)

Filetto di Soia al Pepe o al Gorgonzola
Soy Chicken Breast with Pepper Sauce or Gorgonzola Sauce 290 Baht

Mashed Ppotato with Soy Bacon and Mushroom (1280x960)Puré di Patate Speciale
Mashed Potato with Soy Bacon and Mushroom 260 Baht

Govinda Italian Vegetarian Restaurant
Sukhumvit Soi 22
Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02 6634970

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