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Gigi Pizzeria in Newtown, revisited

This is our second time at Gigi Pizzeria in Newtown. Last time it was us and Rachel as her husband couldn’t make it because of an emergency operation. This time though, we all made it. Eventually. And it was a pleasure to catch up with friend in a nice atmosphere with incredible food.

You may have realised the fact that I blogged about Gigi Pizzeria not long ago. It’s not because we had two visits to the place with not much time in between. It’s only because I got my act together recently and posted the photos from our first visit recently. There is a lot of posts I’m actually working on or they’re just waiting for their turn. Well sometimes I miss things. It was one of those posts.

Gigi Pizzeria is one hip vegan pizza place in Newtown and their pizza is quite a hit even among the meat eaters. Well, they must be doing something, right?

OK, here’s what we had this time round…

This was their special for that particular day and I have no idea what the ingredients but I somehow remember asparagus, basil, maybe sweet potato and mushrooms. All I can remember is that fact that it was quite tasty in an interesting kind of way. That’s all I have to say about that.

I know this one because we LOVED it last time, so everyone voted and we decided (democratically) to have the same one again. And, it is called Funghi e Radicchio which is Swiss brown mushrooms, garlic, dairy free blue cheese, parsley, radicchio, & roasted walnuts, extra virgin olive oil. Just like we remembered it; absolute taste bomb.


As for dolce (dessert) we had:

Pastiera di gigi (above) which is orange blossom whole wheat & candied citrus tart.

Tiramisu di Gigi (above). Coffee soaked homemade Savoiardi biscuits layered with plant based Marsala cream dusted with cacao.

Torta all’arancia (above). Orange almond & polenta sponge served with orange candy & fresh berries.

Gigi Pizzeria can be found at this address:
379 King Street
NSW 2042

Phone: (02) 9557 2224

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