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Franchia Vegan Café, New York


We discovered Franchia on the night we wanted to go back to HanGawi and found it closed due to some paint work happening inside. The big guy from the big door recommended this sister place called Franchia and told us to check it out. We did what we were told and discovered yet another tasty spot in New York.

d71febf470ff2fe26f5f608e91a07b2cAlthough the food was exceptional, I remember more about the ceiling and an ancient gong as part of the décor vividly. The ceiling is a replica in beautiful greens, clearly, deserves to be a part of some Korean palace. The gong on the other hand, is taken from an old temple. That’s what we were told by the waiter anyway. The walls are decorated with poems from 15th, 16th century like this one:


6d1e61ab07ba24e88c437779e35ae945Franchia has an extensive tea menu. From herbal to white, it is a very big menu just for tea. When it comes to food we sat at the balcony here’s what we had:
• Soy “Chicken Satay” sticks with bbq sauce
• Vegetarian “duck” in stone bowl rice
• Sautéed string beans and vegetables with preserved radish
• And sorbet for dessert


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