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Family Tree Special (Stir-Fried Vegan Chicken and Mushroom)

This was one of the dishes that I designed for my restaurant back in Turkey along with many dishes that were on the menu.

In the history of Family Tree Restaurant, 10 years that is, I think only one customer didn’t like it. It was because she had expected a type of Asian stir-fry. I believe she even asked for soy sauce to complement it. And of course, it wasn’t an Asian stir-fry, it was a Turkish stir-fry and in the entire Turkish cuisine –I’m telling you, it is a big cuisine –there is no such thing as soy sauce!

Other than that, it was a huge success. We even noticed that other restaurants even copied it and made it their own special. All of a sudden, Family Tree Special started to appear on many restaurant’s menu boards. When I found out that, I came very close to using my mafia connections.

Today, I have the converted version of our special that I made with Fry’s vegetarian chicken strips. Although I made the entire dish in wok, I still didn’t use soy sauce. I guess, I’ll never learn.

250 gram button mushrooms, wiped and sliced
½ pack Fry’s vegetarian chicken strips, cut into small pieces
½ white onion, sliced thinly
1 clove garlic, sliced
Cooking oil
Freshly ground black pepper
Continental parsley, chopped

• Heat the oil in the wok. Fry the vegan chicken on high heat until they are crispy and slightly golden. Remove from the wok.
• Add some oil again –not much though and don’t panic even if it looks dry because the mushrooms will release their juice –and this time brown the mushroom slices. Again remove from the heat.
• Now it’s time to brown the onion with garlic. Reduce the heat and fry the onions and garlic with a little bit of oil. When the onions are browned nicely, return the chicken strips and the mushrooms to the wok.
• Add freshly ground black pepper. Stir to combine.
• Lastly, add chopped parsley, stir and serve warm.

Note: Serve with chips or rice.

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