Cruelty Free Festival, Sydney

Cruelty Free Festival, Sydney

We planned to get to Belmore Park early in the morning for the festival but when I woke up in the morning, I decided not to take my grey hair with me. So, I quickly coloured my hair, washed it and had a short cut around styling it by using some cruelty-free hair products. It was just after 11 when we finally parked the car and walked to the park. The weather probably sent a few different messages between the time we left home and
arrived at our destination. At some stage, it was even spitting but luckily after a few drops it stopped and the sun was shinning for the bigger portion of the day.

After checking the stalls, we have decided to have something to eat. My husband had vegan Pad Thai and I had a duck salad which was quite spicy but I still loved it! By the way, no one can beat my husband’s vegan Pad Thai.

We talked to Young Lawyers and patted Frankie. As my husband would like to get involved in tenancy laws around pets, we also chatted with people from Cat Protection Society. I picked up a sample vegan dog food for Olly from Veganpet and Vegeset -a vegetarian setting agent-, soymilke -condensed soy milk- and Soyatoo! from Vegan Perfection. Had a lovely chat with Jessica from The Cruelty Free Shop.

Quickly found Vegan Society’s stall. While my husband was chatting with Greg, I joined the society- one of the things I have been wanting to do. Lovely ladies from the stall gave me the spring issue of Living Vegan and a DVD called Our Diet -Leading to a Sustainable Future or Killing Our Planet? by Dr Aryan Tavakkoli. In the end John got himself a book called But You Kill Ants by John Waddell which answers all those stupid questions asked by non vegetarians.

One of the disappointing aspects of this event was that I was hoping to find some interesting ingredients to buy at the festival but the whole emphasis on vegan food was mostly around sweets and snacks.  Still, it was good to be there.

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