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Crisp, New York

One of the great vegetarian lunch places we discovered in New York. Although we were close to the one on 110 West 40th Street now they seem to have more branches. I particularly recommend the handbag option. Pick it up and go to Bryant Park. They have chairs and tables in the park for people to sit down and have lunch.

They have a total eco-approach. The packaging is almost all biodegradable and their paper napkins are made from recycled sources and printed with soy ink.

One thing you need to be careful with this place it is surprisingly closed during the weekends and incredibly busy as people book online and go there to pick up their food.

We tried Crisp Africa, Crisp Asia -Asian chilli sauce, alfalfa sprouts, Japanese eggplant, mandarin oranges and greens- and felafel handbag sandwich.

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