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Cajun Slices

Cajun SlicesI have been buying and using Sanitarium Vegie Roast for ages but somehow roasting the whole thing never worked well for me. Also, the whole pack is too much for us as it is only me and my husband. However, we still like the taste as well the texture. So I thought I could try some other way to utilise this tasty product. Well, that’s how Cajun Slices came about…

Cajun Slices
½ pack Sanitarium Vegie Roast
2 teaspoon Herbie’s Cajun Spice Mix
1 tablespoon corn oil

• Mix Cajun spice mix with corn oil in a large flat plate.
• Halve Sanitarium Vegie Roast and remove metal clips and plastic casing from the piece you will use, leave the other half intact -you can store the other half in a container cut side down.
• Make ½ cm slices and cover them with spice and oil mixture all over.
• Heat oil in a pan which is large enough to do all roast slices and fry them until they are slightly brown and crisp.
• Serve hot.

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